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Some engagements have been listed below, the majority of school, youth and community interventions have been omitted.

2009 - Engagements

3 April 2009 University of Oxford
After a great deal of research and study, Jahan gave his first paper exploring the link between specific British Pakistani diaspora communities and the Italian Campaign of WWII. The venue was, All Souls College, University of Oxford, in his paper he also pressed upon the need to develop a strong British Muslim identity.

9 May 2009 ‘The Indian Army, 1939-1947’
Jahan presented his second paper titled ‘Britain’s Muslim Soldiers’ at the Imperial War Museum, London. It was the Second Joint Imperial War Museum/King’s College London Military History Conference.

3 September 2009 BBC Documentary Film ‘Muslim Tommie’s’
Jahan assisted in the research and production of Britain’s first documentary about Muslim soldiers. It was first broadcast on BBC 2 at 23.25

Sept 2009 BBC ‘Inside Out’
Jahan talks about his role as a community historian exploring the rich links between specific migrant communities and the British Indian Army.

2-4 Nov 2009 Royal Military Academy Sandhurst
Lecture: ‘The Colonial Soldier, 100 years of Muslim service 1845-1945’

9 Nov 2009 Youth Inclusion Project
Concerns were raised by staff that some of the local youth seemed to be flirting with far right ideas. Jahan delivered a presentation to Kingstanding YIP on the shared struggles and common past of Muslim and indigenous youth.

19 Nov 2009 Royal Military Academy Sandhurst
Sandhurst Talks: BME Summit on the at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst (RMAS)
Organised by Colonel Jonathan Calder Smith
Lecture: 'The Muslim Sepoy'

2010 – Engagements

5 February 2010 University of Oxford - Conference

‘Staying True to Their Salt’
The Recruitment, Management and Performance of Non-Western Personnel in Western Armed Forces and Intelligence Services, 1900-2010
Nuffield College, University of Oxford
Jahan Mahmood spoke on the role of Punjabi and Pashtun sepoys.

20th March 2010 University of Birmingham

'Birmingham's Muslim Communities in World War II.' Jahan was asked to give a lecture for the Centre for West Midlands History in the Lecture Theatre in the Arts Building at the University of Birmingham
The conference title was, ‘Sharing the Past with the Future’

1 June 2010 Conference ‘The War on Terror’
Combined British Pakistani Youth Council and Pakistan High Commission programme
Venue: The Hyatt Regency, Birmingham
In his lecture, Jahan spoke about the long term repercussions of the drone activities in Pakhtunkhwa. He touched upon the mechanics of Pashtunwali (Pashtun martial code) and the
obligation of badal (revenge) irrespective of the enemy’s religious inclination.

29-30 June 2009 Symposium, Vienna
Talking to a largely European audience, Jahan spoke about the complex identities of Muslim youth in Britain. He stressed that one of the great challenges facing post-war Europe is to provide a distinct narrative that can connect migrant communities to the fabric of wider society and that this was possible in the British context due to the military ties.

6 July 2010, HMS President
‘The British Taliban – linking previous expeditions to modern conflict zones’
organised by Institute of Statecraft and Governance in conjunction with the Commanding Officer HMS Richmond, venue was changed to HMS President

7 Oct 2010
Black History Month
Prison Talk HMP Winson Green Prison
Community Cohesion and Equality Department
Jahan gave 3 separate lectures to inmates about the African, African-Caribbean and South Asian military contribution during the Second World War. He kept his nerve amid a strong audience and explained that he had learned a few lessons from the ‘military doctrine for Burma WWII’.

27 Oct 2010 The Indian Army Exhibition 1939-1945
The exhibition was attended by Home Office personnel and Army officers
Displayed at Home Office
Marsham St

2 Nov Home Office Talk - Islam Awareness Week
Jahan was a guest speaker, ‘Muslim contribution past, present and future’
Home Secretary Theresa May also spoke about the
Attended by Pakistan’s High Commissioner Wajid Shamsul Hassan

2011 – Engagements

On 20 January 2011 University of Birmingham
Jahan gave a lecture discussing, ‘Building Community Cohesion and the Anglo-Indian experience’
The lecture was held at the University of Birmingham, chaired by Dr Malcolm Dick, Centre for West Midlands History as a joint event with the Lunar Society.
Barbara Fogarty compiled a short but descriptive report of the talk:

22/23 January 2011 Watford Central Leisure Centre Exhibition

‘The Shared War Exhibition’ Details are available below:
‘Jahan Mahmood has created a unique exhibition – the first of its kind in the UK. Celebrating the contribution of more than 4 million volunteers from undivided India during the two major conflicts of the last century.;jsessionid=E4FDF8458C20EFEC0C2CF108743FE51B

26 Jan 2011 Active Change Foundation event
Youth and Community event planned by Mohammed Hanif
Talk delivered by Jahan, ‘The contribution of Muslims during WWI & WWII’
Ilford Islamic centre
52-56 Albert Road

24 May 2011 Reuters News Agency
Jahan is described as being on the front line in Britain’s fight against militancy

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